Check the events below for which you may volunteer. Thank you.

Greensboro, NC October 31 & November 1st 2020

This event is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday October 31 and November 1st. Competition begins each day at 9 AM.

Grid set up is scheduled for Friday afternoon October 30th.

Check the box or boxes below that best suite your interests. 

Grid Workers are positioned out on the grid and work with spotters to score the longest balls during a set.

Spotters are positioned behind the hitters during competition and radio approximate ball direction to the Grid Worker on their team.

Check-in volunteers check in hitters as they arrive at the event. This may include adding the athlete to the roster, and at times includes taking money.

Set Up volunteers assist our team in unloading and setting up the event tents, flags, banners, etc.

Take Down volunteers assist our team in taking down and loading, tents, signs, banners, flags, etc.

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